A lot of people ask us if our tattoos are vegan and we are proud to say "Absolutely!"

Not only are we a vegan owned and operated shop but we try to do everything as ethically as we can – this includes everything from how we deal with clients, to the products we use, to the suppliers we choose to deal with. All the tattoos we do in our studio utilize the most vegan and animal friendly products available.

We would like to take this opportunity to explain the products we use and to also help you know the right questions to ask if you are concerned about a tattoo being vegan friendly. To know what questions you should ask you must understand the processes we go through before, during and after your tattoo. So lets talk about that in order:

The Stencil/Skin Preparation

  • We use stencil paper and a transfer cream to transfer the outline of the art for your tattoo onto your skin. First, we clean the skin using Dr. Bronner’s Baby Mild soap. If needed we may also lightly shave the area to remove excess hair, we do not use razors with moisture strips as moisture strips most often contain lanolin. Then we prep the skin for the stencil with an all vegan stencil cream. Until recently there were no reputable companies producing vegan stencil paper, ReproFX is now the only manufacturer (to our knowledge) of vegan thermal transfer paper and is the only brand we use.


  • All the tattoo ink we use in our studio is from reputable manufacturers who produce only vegan friendly inks.


  • While you are receiving your tattoo the artist will be using a lubricating agent that allows the needles to move more smoothly through your skin. Common lubricants are A&D Ointment and Vaseline (or other white petroleum jellies), neither of which are vegan. After some extensive searching we found a non-petroleum based lubricant that contains all natural, vegan ingredients. It also contains lavender, licorice, green tea and pomegranate extract so please let us know if you have any allergies.


  • We prefer to recommend using all-natural, vegan (and if possible, organic) aftercare products. You can find our aftercare instructions here and if you'd like you can purchase aftercare products in our studio (as stock allows).

This overview is very basic and is designed only to assist you in understanding what products you may come into contact with during the process of receiving a tattoo and if they are or are not vegan. If you have any other questions about vegan tattooing, or tattooing in general, please contact us at the studio directly.


*If you are a professional tattooist interested in using vegan products we are happy to answer any questions you may have about where we source our products, please contact us via admin@adornedvancity.ca