How much does a piercing cost?

  • We have a very large selection of the best quality body jewelry available, therefore pricing can vary greatly so please call the studio or come by to get an idea of pricing and jewelry selection.

Is my piercing permanent?

  • Yes, once a piercing is fully healed it is permanent (with the exception of surface anchors and some surface piercings). Though the hole may shrink if you are not wearing jewelry for any length of time.

Do you use piercing guns?

  • No. We use sterile disposable needles. Piercing guns cannot be properly sterilized and we do not advocate their use at all.

How old do I have to be to get a piercing?

  • Everyone must have valid government photo identification to have a service performed at our studio, please find our age policies/restrictions below:
  • 18 years of age or older- no restrictions
  • 16-17 years of age- no parental consent needed, but  we will not perform any adult piercings, surface piercings or anything larger than 10ga.
  • 15 years of age or younger must:
    • have a parent or court appointed legal guardian present
    • all parties must have ID and should the parent or guardian's last name be different than the child’s they must also provide documentation.
    • 14 -16 years of age we will only pierce nostrils, single ear helix, conch and ear lobes
    • 6-13 years of age we will only pierce ear lobes

*These policies are subject to our approval and the artists’ discretion. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for whatever reason we see fit.

Can I bring my own jewelry for a new piercing?

  • No, we only use American made implant grade body jewelry or solid gold and cannot guarantee the quality or safety of anything brought to us by clients.

Will it hurt?

  • Everyone is different but yes, it may hurt a little. We are always as gentle as possible and it helps to remember that piercing wouldn’t be so popular if it was unbearable.

Do you pierce babies ears?

  • No, we prefer children to be at least 6 years of age and even then it is still at our discretion. We also require appointments for all children’s ear piercings, so please give us a call to arrange that. If you or your child are unsure of the process please come by the studio to take a look around or ask us any questions you may have  (weekdays are often best as weekends are usually extremely busy).

Where do you get your jewelry from?

  • For initial piercings we only use American made implant grade or solid gold body jewelry from trusted manufacturers such as Anatometal, Industrial Strength and BVLA.

Do you sell tapers or offer a “stretching program”?

  • Absolutely not. We do not recommend the use of tapers for stretching (they are a piercer’s tool). Please see our page On Stretching Piercings for more information or feel free to come by the studio with any questions. We also not offer a “stretching program” as that entails the re-selling of used jewelry and is an unsafe practice.

Do you take returns or exchanges on jewelry?

  • No, jewelry is a personal item and thus we cannot do returns on it. But if a piece of jewelry you purchased from our studio is defective please contact us.

Do you price match other studios?

  • No, our prices (while competitive) are reflective of the fact that we use the highest quality body jewelry available and have one of the most experienced body piercers in the country.

Do you offer any other body modification services?

  • No, we do not offer any services other than what you see stated on our website.
  • Other procedures, such as ear scalpeling, are not insurable in BC and thus we are not able to offer them. We believe that with proper placement and stretching of many piercings that scalpels are not necessary. We also do not offer other services such as implants, ear pointing, scarification or any other forms of heavy body modification – nor are we in a position to recommend anyone to you for these services. While we are not opposed to people seeking out these services or having them performed, we are a professional body piercing and tattooing studio that will only perform insurable services.

Can I custom order jewelry?

  • Yes! We do require a 50% deposit for all custom orders so please come into the studio to discuss any custom orders with us in person.

Can I bring my kids with me while I get pierced?

  • No, you are welcome to bring children into the studio if you stop in for a quick chat or a look around. But we ask that you do not bring children along for appointments or while having any work done. The reasons for this is that there is limited space in our piercing room, also our piercers need to have your full attention and be able to concentrate.

How do I prepare for my piercing?

  • It is a good idea to eat something substantial within two hours of your appointment, to wear appropriate clean/comfortable clothing, avoid applying make-up or creams to the area being pierced and if needed shave or trim body hair in the area specific to your work.

How do you safely stretch a piercing?

  • Please see our guide to stretching piercings here.

Why shouldn’t I touch my piercings or jewelry while in the studio? 

  • We aim to provide a clean, safe environment not only for clients in our studio but for those of us who work within it. So, with that in mind we ask clients to please not touch or remove their jewelry, which is standard protocol regarding potentially open wounds or body fluids for any professional environment where breaking of the skin is common practice (ie. tattoo shops, piercing shops, doctor’s offices, hospitals, etc.).

How often do you spore test your autoclave and Statim?

  • At least once a month!

Do you do large gauge ear lobe piercings?

  • Why yes, we do! The maximum size for an initial ear lobe piercing is dependent on the suitability of each client individually. So please feel free to come into the studio and discuss your options. All large gauge ear lobe piercings are done using sterile disposable needles, not dermal punches.

General FAQ

Do I need to make an appointment?

  • Body piercings do not require appointments but they are highly recommended as the studio can get very busy and we cannot always guarantee service for all walk-ins (though we always try!). Piercing appointments can be made by calling the studio at (604) 254-5111. But if you would like to do a walk-in, please be aware that we take our last body piercing walk-in no later than one hour before we close as time allows.

Do you have parking available?

  • There is metered parking on the street (only until 3pm and after 6pm on the West side of the street directly in front of our studio) and there are lots of nearby places to lock up your bicycle!

Can I bring a friend for support?

  • Please, by all means bring a friend with you if you want their support but please don’t bring ten! We only allow for one extra person in either of the piercing room.

Can I bring my dog/pet into the studio?

  • No, we cannot allow pets into the studio unless it is a trained assistance animal (ie. Seeing eye dog or assistance dog)

Is your studio wheelchair accessible?

  • It certainly is! We have no stairs to enter the studio and even have a fully accessible washroom (large enough for chairs and an assistant if needed) for our clients. While our piercing room is small we will always do our very best to accommodate your needs. Please call us if you have any concerns regarding our accessibility. 

What form of payments do you take?

  • We accept cash, debit, Visa or MasterCard.

Do you sell gift certificates?

  • We most certainly do! They can be made out in any dollar amount you wish and are valid for six months.