The Most (and Least) Painful Places on Your Body to Tattoo

Pain is subjective, meaning that it feels different for each person. What’s painful for one person may seem like nothing more than a scratch to others. However, based on what we’ve seen, these locations have been commonly reported as the most painful and least painful areas to be tattooed.

Most Painful?

Getting a tattoo on the inner portion of your wrist is one of the most painful areas to be tattooed. Where the flex point is, to be exact. Other areas that have been deem as the most painful include the neck and throat, the stomach, back of the knees and the ribs. Though the ribs shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, since it’s commonly been referred to as the most painful location, the stomach might surprise many people.

Least Painful?

Areas on your body with the least nerve endings, that are also far from any bones, will be the least painful places to get a tattoo. These places include the outer shoulder, the calves, buttocks and outer arm. However, you’re pain tolerance and body will ultimately determine which areas are the least painful for yourself.

Most Dangerous?

While tattoos have become commonplace nowadays, there are still certain areas on the body that can get a distinct reaction out of people. Many may come to mind, but the one we’re referring to, which also happens to be the most dangerous tattoo location, it the eyeball. Not many people would even consider getting an eyeball tattoo, and for good reason. This poses a huge risk, not only of obtaining an eye infection but of losing your vision altogether.

Highest Risk of Infection?

Infections usually occur due to bad bacteria getting into places it shouldn’t, in areas that interact with them the most. Many people don’t realize that that area is the feet. Yes, your feet are exposed to far more germs, especially in your home. Walking around barefoot through pet dander can result in painful infections. Walking around outdoors wearing open-toe shoes will also leave you exposed to daily pollution. Your hands are also in the same boat when it comes to bacterial exposure.

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